Medicaid Can Help You Outside the Nursing Home

A common misconception about Medicaid is that it only pays for skilled care in a nursing home.

In truth, Medicaid has a variety of services available to qualifying individuals, which will enable you to stay at home or in an assisted living facility through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Program.

With similar requirements to traditional Medicaid, this program provides a range of services depending on where you live and the care program that your case manager develops with you. Potential services provided may include having someone come to your home to assist with daily activities and monitor health, payment for medical expenses and equipment, and modification of your home or vehicle to prolong and maintain your ability to stay in a community setting.

Not every assisted living facility participates in this program. Even if a facility does participate, there may only be a limited number of qualifying “Medicaid beds” available. If there isn’t an available “Medicaid bed,” you will not be able to receive the full benefit of an HCBS Waiver; although, you may still be able to receive assistance with medical expenses.

As with traditional Medicaid, there are financial eligibility guidelines. Ideally, you should plan for Medicaid far enough in advance to avoid the “lookback period” (currently 60 months). However, Gordon and Associates P.C. can assist you in making an HCBS waiver application, while assisting you in preserving as many of your resources as possible. 

More information about the HCBS Waiver can be found at the state’s website,, or by calling the state Division of Aging at (888)-673-0002. Gordon and Associates P.C. would also be glad to discuss your long term care planning needs. Simply call our office at (260)-824-9377 to schedule an appointment.